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25th Apr 2017 14:43:54 

Welcome to the NSTA website.

23rd April - FINALS DRAW Autumn 2017
The finals draw for the 10 week season is up. Please send result from winning team through as normal straight after match. Good luck to all teams and thank you in advance. Please note A Reserve mixed semi is at Glenroy and not at Maribyrnong.

31st January - Draw and Date
Feb 4 1v6 3v4 5v2
Feb 11 2v3 4v1 6v5
Feb 18 3v5 1v2 6v4
Feb 25 2v4 5v1 3v6
Mar 4 1v3 4v5 6v2
*Please note online draw and dates are now working.
Also please note that A Grade OSD, A Reserve OSD and A Reserve Mixed are again 10 week seasons. B Special OSD, B Grade Mixed and C Special Mixed are 15 week seasons.

6th February - Heat Rule

Play in an NSTA match will be abandoned if the air temperature reaches 35 degrees, or must be called off if the temperature is 33 degrees at 11am on the day of the match and the forecast for the day is 35 degrees or hotter.

Please use this website for temperatures:

Wash Out Contact List - Autumn 2015

NSTA email
for all questions or queries please contact the NSTA via email