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23rd Apr 2018 21:37:31 

Welcome to the NSTA website.

22nd April - SPRING 2018 TEAM ENTRIES
All club delegates. Entries are now open for next season. Starts August, 2018. Entries close Sunday May 27th.
Any queries please contact Ron 93064601.

This Saturday is the semi-final matches for the ten week season so could all winning captains send in the result as normal as soon as possible after the completion of the match to enable the grand finals draws to be done.
The draw has been placed on the website. If there are any mistakes or queries could they be directed to Ron 93064601 asap.

6th February - Heat Rule

Play in an NSTA match will be abandoned if the air temperature reaches 35 degrees, or must be called off if the temperature is 33 degrees at 11am on the day of the match and the forecast for the day is 35 degrees or hotter.

Please use this website for temperatures:

Wash Out Contact List - Autumn 2015

NSTA email
for all questions or queries please contact the NSTA via email

Missing match results:-
Round 4 has 1 missing result.
Round 8 has 1 missing result.
Round 9 has 3 missing results.  what's missing?